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Galvanised flat sheets are manufactured from a high quality hot dipped zinc coated steel

Product Information

IBR World (Pty Ltd. Supplies steel flat sheets in both Galvanised and Chromadek.

Galvanizing is a zinc coating applied to sheets of steel through a process called “continuous hot-dip,” in which steel sheet passes through a bath of molten zinc. The liquid zinc bonds to the iron in the steel, forming a protective layer on both sides of the sheet.


  • Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material.
  • Provides consistent material quality; because it is produced in strict accordance with national standards.
  • Scrap is 100% recyclable. 


Workers should wear appropriate safety clothing. Workers should be suitably educated to work with steel. The environment should be clean and free of obstacles when working with steel. 


Don’t grasp metal pieces tightly. A light grip will prevent cuts and slices. Never run your fingers along the raw edge. Wear gloves for protection. Whenever possible, use a well-mounted vice to grip your piece while you’re working. 


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