"A phased approach will be taken to gradually lift the restrictions on economic activity. We will need to act with agility and flexibility in the weeks and months to come."

May 4, 2020



We at IBR WORLD is working hard to help alleviate the challenges faced by our customers due to the COVID-19 crises in South Africa.  We also know that we cannot do this without your help,  and the courage of our staff on the front line.

OUR PHILOSOPHY AT IBR WORLD since we opened our doors 16 years ago:

“Our philosophy is excellence, accountability, transparency and integrity.”

Since this COVID-19 worldwide pandemic that affected so many people worldwide our COMPANY PHILOSOPHY at IBR WORLD changed and has a new meaning, especially the word excellence.:

But EXCELLENCE is never an accident. It is always the result of  HIGH INTENTION, SINCERE EFFORT, INTELLIGENT DIRECTION, SKILFULL EXECUTION and a vision to see obstacles as opportunities”


During these last few weeks, we have been focused on putting in place all the necessary precautions to safeguard the wellbeing of our customers and employees during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  •  All pricing and discounts apply, and payment is processed safely online with zero contact.
  • Customers simply arrive at our Drive-Thru factory as per prior arrangement pickup time, and our assistants will greet you at the “allocated collect parking bay”  and we will load your essential goods in your vehicle.
  • As per STAGE 4 we are only able to work with 20 % of our staff.   
  • As a result of the limited staff that is allowed  at our factory during STAGE 4, we therefore need a clear and efficient communication strategy;  to implement a better and more efficient service during STAGE 4 – LOCKDOWN, for you to collect your essential goods at out drive-through facility.
  • At STAGE 4 – we prefer of you (if possible) to use the following communication platforms that will help our support team to assist you with a more efficient and quicker service delivery:

– Using our website online request form 

– Office nr. during working hours 

– Using our WhatsAPP nr during working hours

– Using our email address 

  • IBR WORLD – Covid-19 regulations per CIPC.  We refer to the attached Document issued by the CIPC. And as company we are fully complying with the applicable Lockdown Regulations as per Government decisions regarding the relevant Lockdown stages.   (Refer to CIPC Certificate download link below).  We therefor commit ourselves per Government regulations, to co-operate according to Governance and Traditional affairs, in our operations during the COVID-19 lockdown.
  • We have done our investigations with regards to our safety procedures and we have aligned ourselves with only the best Commercial Cleaning Companies, with regards to implementing the correct procedures to keep our environment safe and clean – with regards to our new COMPANY PHILOSOPHY.
  • Before engaging with our day-to-day duties we will ensure that our clients will have complete peace of mind in terms of visiting our factory.  Deep Cleaning and Sanitising will be the order of the day.  We will keep our factory clean as before and are going the extra mile of only using the BEST EQUIPMENT and THE CORRECT PROCEDURES by using the prescribed SANITIZING and prescribed MASKS for efficient protection.
  • We have aligned with the following companies [LSC simunye – Imperial – www.lsc.co.za] cleaning solutions, as well as [Safic Environmental Solutions – www.safic.co.za], to assist us with the implementation at our factory with regards to the government covid health regulations. 

Please be advised that not all MASK PROTECTION is efficient. All our staff at IBR WORLD will be using the strongest protection of masks that has been specifically designed and approved for this type COVID-10 VIRUS PROTECTION. All our staff will be using a clear shield: 0.5mm PETG with PVC base. Underneath our clear shield mask we will still be wearing the best certified washable mask, specifically designed for VIRUS PROTECTION.

And, finally, did you know that most of the masks, most people are wearing, ONLY protects them from Bacterial infections, Dust and Pollen?

Remember,  you are part of the solution. We therefore require you to also wear a mask when collecting your essential goods at our factory.

“A lot of us are scared, uncertain, stressed and overwhelmed.  Even through these tough times we must zone in on our blessings and be filled with gratitude – It will safe us.

Best to you and your families.



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